” Its easy to accurately forecast a well qualified opportunity, but almost impossible to accurately forecast a poorly qualified opportunity.

Mel Harding, CEO Occulus Inc.

Occulus: Measures Deal Integrity

Occulus is an easy to use analysis tool used by sales professionals to measure deal integrity.  Using Advanced Analytics, Occulus measures the integrity of deals in their pipelines and informs them which deals to pursue and include in the forecast and which deals to drop.   Much more than just a ‘lead scoring’ system; Occulus analyzes the strengths & weaknesses of their selling strategies, providing advice and guidance to assist them in moving the deal towards a successful close.

Within 3 to 6 months of use, Occulus gives sales people:

  • increases in win rates of up to 50%
  • decreases in deal slippage of 45%
  • forecasting accuracy greater than 90%

Select your Role & See How Occulus can assist you:

 VP Sales                       CEO/CFO

Occulus is:   Your Competitive Edge                   

 Advanced Analytics For the Sales Team

For the first time, sales reps and sales managers can easily reap the rewards of our powerful analytical algorithms.  The Occulus advanced analytics system meshes simply and seamlessly into your current selling environment; sales reps don’t have to change how they sell and managers don’t have to change how they manage.

 The Occulus Analytics Engine

The Occulus Analytics Engine will analyze all the deals in your pipeline and display the results both numerically and graphically allowing you to quickly identify the most promising deals and any deals that are in trouble and require intervention.

Trust & Confidence

You can trust that the Occulus analysis results are accurate and you can have confidence that the guidance provided will lead to successful deal closes; for the simple reason that we’ve done this many tens of thousands of time before. With Occulus’ advanced algorithms working behind the scenes your sales team will win more deals, save time and deliver better forecasts.

Want Proof?

If you need or want proof, we will provide it; not with statistics or graphs or testimonials, which we will also provide, but by allowing Occulus to analyze one of your deals.  Occulus will tell you Six Things about the Deal;

Qualify, Qualify, Qualify

You may think(believe) that the deal they’ve been promising to close this quarter is well-qualified, but is it?   Find out,  use the Free Occulus Qualification Analysis.  Not only is the analysis free, it’s completely anonymous; you do not have to provide any personal contact information to run the analysis.  Try it.  You could save yourself a lot of grief!

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