“With Occulus, sales reps do not have to change the way they sell and sales managers do not have to change the way they manage.”

Occulus is: AI {for Sales}

Occulus’ industry leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) system for the first time brings advanced AI to the entire sales process , from the point of first contact with a prospect right through to the deal close.

AI For the Sales Team

For the first time, sales reps and sales manager can reap the rewards of AI without having to go through extensive training or orientation.  The Occulus advanced AI system meshes simply and seamlessly into your current selling environment; sales reps don’t have to change how they sell and managers don’t have to change how they manage.

The Occulus AI Engine

The Occulus AI Engine will analyze all the deals in your pipeline and display the results both numerically and graphically allowing you to quickly identify the most promising deals and any deals that are in trouble and require intervention.

Trust & Confidence

You can trust that the Occulus analysis results are accurate and you can have confidence that the guidance provided will lead to successful deal closes; for the simple reason that we’ve done this many tens of thousands of time before. With Occulus’ advanced AI engine working behind the scenes your sales team will win more deals, save time and deliver better forecasts.

Select your Role & See How Occulus can assist you:

Want Proof?

If you need or want proof, we will provide it; not with statistics or graphs or testimonials, which we will also provide, but by allowing Occulus to analyze one of your deals.  Occulus will tell you Six Things about the Deal;

Deal Analysis

Analyze each of the opportunities in your pipeline to determine next steps towards a successful close.     Learn More

Pipeline Management

Effectively manage your sales team’s pipeline, quickly identify those deals that are in trouble and need intervention…   Learn More

Asynchronous Coaching

Provide timely and useful coaching advice & guidance anytime, anywhere…   Learn More

Automated Forecasting

Automatically produce a forecast that is >90 percent accurate on a deal-by-deal basis…   Learn More

War Room

Close that Quota Gap before the end of the quarter…   Learn More