Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does it work with my CRM?

Occulus currently works with and integrates into Microsoft Dynamics, and SAP.  If you are using a different CRM, Occulus integrates quickly, easily and seamlessly into most CRM’s.  Please contact us for further information.

Will Occulus work in my Company?

Occulus clients have the following characteristics:

  • Deal in Complex sales (also known as Consultative and Enterprise sales) with long sales cycles (3 months or longer)
  • Sell into highly competitive, B2B (business to Business) environments
  • Have a CRM with a defined sales process
  • Create sales forecasts on a regular basis (Quarterly, Monthly or weekly)

If this is your Selling Environment Occulus will help you!

Where do I get pricing information for Occulus? 

Please contact us for further information.

Can I get an Occulus demonstration?

Yes we are happy to give you a demo.  They work best if you have an actual deal to take through the system so you can truly understand the value that Occulus brings.  Please contact us for a demo.

Deal Analysis

Analyze each of your deals to make sure they close …

Pipeline Management

Manage your sales pipeline – fix those deals that are in trouble and need intervention …

Asynchronous Coaching

Provide coaching advice & guidance anytime, anywhere …

Automated Forecasting

Generate a  90% accurate  forecast on  a deal-by-deal basis…

War Room

Close that Quota Gap before the end of the quarter …