Must Win Deals

Must Win Deals

Those 2 or 3 deals you need to close this quarter.


If you are not  Closing 4 out of 5 of your Must Win Deals

You need OcculusTeam®


Strong Proven results from over 16,000 Complex Sales Campaigns

Benefit from the Guidance and Recommendations provided by OcculusTeam®

Companies using OcculusTeam® won 82% of their Must Win Deals


A Recent Study by McKinsey & Company:  Landing-the-Megadeal

Their Number One Item to win Megadeals is Deal Analytics

Just what OcculusTeam® Delivers



Must Win Deals

Revenue Potential at Multiples of Standard Deals

Large and/or Strategic Opportunities

Vital to Reach/Surpass Quota

Highly Visible to Senior Management


They have a disproportionate impact on your quarter. 

If you close them, you make the quarter!

If you don’t, you’re scrambling!


How Do You Win those Must-Win-Deals?

Your CRM and current processes are designed for the Business As Usual deals. If you treat your Must-Win-Deals the same way, expect the same win rate, or less; because your competition will be using a different tools.


Next Steps – Contact Us

 We will analyze one of your Must-Win-Deals, at no cost and no obligation, and unequivocally demonstrate how OcculusTeam® can help you win 4 out of 5 of your Must-Win-Deals.

OcculusTeam®: Your Competitive Edge