Why Occulus

Occulus can help you in these areas:

Automated Forecasting

Occulus can automatically generate a forecast that is 90% accurate on a deal-by-deal basis saving significant time for all  parts of the sales organization.  Sales managers, at their option, can override the Occulus Forecast.

War Room

The challenge of sales management is to close that Quota Gap before the end of the quarter. Occulus assists sales management   in this regard by producing the War Room Reports that identifies   all non-Committed deals that ‎have the highest probability to be closed.  If that is not enough to close the Quota Gap, Occulus reaches into the next quarter to identify the deals that have the highest probability of being brought into the current quarter.

Asynchronous Coaching

Occulus’ unique & industry leading Asynchronous Sales Coaching capability allows the sales manager to provide coaching advice & guidance to a member of the team without the requirement of a one-on-one coaching session.

Pipeline Management

For sales managers to effectively manage the team’s pipeline they must have in-depth knowledge about the deals in the pipeline and be able to quickly identify those deals (and sales reps) that are in trouble and require intervention (meaning they are at risk of being lost or slipping past the close Date) and those deals that do not.

Deal Analysis

Analyze each of the opportunities in your pipeline to determine next steps towards a successful close.

Is Occulus for You?

Occulus clients have the following characteristics:

  • Deal in Complex sales (also known as Consultative and Enterprise sales) with long sales cycles (3 months or longer)
  • Sell into highly competitive, B2B (business to Business) environments
  • Have a CRM with a defined sales process
  • Create sales forecasts on a regular basis (Quarterly, Monthly or weekly)

If this is your Selling Environment Occulus will help you!


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