Onboarding is Expensive

Replacing a Sales Rep is Expensive!

According to CSO Insights, “it takes anywhere from 4 to 9 months for the typical new hire to become a productive sales rep”.

You get both decreased productivity and opportunity cost:

  • There will be gaps in the territory coverage, providing the competition with an opportunity to make inroads into your customer base.
  • It is time consuming and expensive to find new sales reps
  • Training and making the new reps productive uses up corporate resources

The Company needs to get any new reps up to speed quickly.

Occulus can help.   The analytics, guidance and self-coaching capabilities of Occulus can get the new sales rep productive 30% sooner.


If you could reduce the amount of time it takes a sales rep to become productive in your organization by 2.5 months what would be the impact in terms of revenue generation and costs.  Click here, and send us an email requesting additional information on how Occulus can significantly reduce Onboarding Time & costs.  We will respond in less than 24 hours.