Saving Time

My biggest challenges is time; I spend too much time on administration, systems and reporting. It takes away from me working with my sales rep to close those key deals where I can make a difference.

Gary P. Sales Manager


There are 3 primary areas where Occulus will save you a significant amount of time, up to a day a week.

1.Automated forecasting

The Occulus forecasting process is completely automatic, meaning neither you nor your sales team need to spend any more valuable selling time pouring over spreadsheets to create the forecast, click Automated Forecasting for a detailed explanation of how the Occulus forecasting process works.

2.Deal Reviews

Occulus significantly reduces the time spend by you and your sales team in deal reviews.  The Occulus Analysis contains all the information you need to understand the status of the deal and whether or not the sales rep will win it, and what steps the sales rep taking to improve their position, consequently you do not need to ask a list of questions to get at specific details, the analysis already has that information.  You and your sales rep can focus on creating winning deal strategies.


Occulus’ Asynchronous Coaching capability allows you to provide coaching advice and guidance to your sales reps on a deal-by-deal basis asynchronously, meaning you don’t have to schedule face-to-face coaching sessions with sales rep.  When you provide asynchronous coaching advice to your sales rep, the sales rep receives an email informing them that you have provided input on one of their deals that they need to take action on.

Whether is automating the forecasting process, identifying the deals that require your intervention or reducing the time spent on deal reviews and meetings, or coaching, Occulus can give you and you team back a day a week.  Time that can be spent on the #1 Priority; Making Quota!