Occulus is: Sales Rep

When you’re on quota, sales is one of the best jobs around; when you’re not, it’s one of the worst.

Lindsey M. Sales Rep

Occulus is: for Sales Reps

Sales people are an interesting group, if something will help them close a specific deal, save them time, or make their lives easier they will use it. If not, they won’t use it.   We understand the challenges of being a sales rep, that’s how we started,    and Occulus is an advanced analytics tool specifically designed for sales.

Your Competitive Edge

Occulus has 3 over-arching objectives:

  • Provide information, advice & guidance to help you close business, one deal at a time
  • Save you time
  • Make your life a whole lot easier.

Hard to believe?   ‎Prove it to yourself, pick ‎one (or more) of the areas below and see what Occulus can do to help you.

Select Your Area of Interest

Qualify, Qualify, Qualify

You may think(believe) your deal is well-qualified, but is it?

Find out use the Free Occulus Qualification Analysis.

Not only is the analysis free, it’s completely anonymous; you do not have to provide any personal contact information to run the analysis.

Try it.  You could save yourself a lot of grief!


Deal Analysis

Analyze each of the   opportunities in your pipeline to determine next steps towards a successful close…

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Pipeline Management

Effectively manage your sales team’s pipeline, quickly identify those deals that are in trouble and need intervention…

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Asynchronous Coaching

Provide timely and useful coaching advice & guidance anytime, anywhere…

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Automated Forecasting

Automatically produce a    forecast that is >90 percent accurate on a deal-by-deal    basis…

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War Room

Close that Quota Gap before the end of the quarter…

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