Communicating with your Sales Manager

“Be Proactive!    It’s always better to do something before you’re asked to do it. “

It’s the same with the status of your deals; it’s much better to provide the deal status to your sales manager before he/she asks you for it.  And this is especially true for the deals in your forecast.  You know your SM is going to ask you for a status update‎; why not provide it before he/she asks for it.

Typically, your sales manager will want to know 5 things about the deals in your forecast:

  • Current Status
  • Forward progress
  • Last meeting with prospect and the discussion points
  • Any issues & concerns
  • Next steps

Occulus makes this really easy for you.  If you check the Deal Analysis  you will see that Occulus answers these 5 questions for your sales manager

  • Deal Status: Your sales manager can check the deal status by simply reviewing the deal analysis results
  • Forward Progress: The Velocity Chart will provide a visual of your progress (see Velocity Chart)
  • Last meeting: In the Sales Strategy section of the deal analysis, you enter when you last met with the prospect
  • Issues & Concerns: Same as Last Meeting
  • Next Steps: Same as Last Meeting

Next time you update the deal record with new information, also update the Sales Strategy section and you will always be ‘Current’ and your sales manager won’t have to chase you for an update.

NOTE: Don’t worry if you have this information in other places such as your CRM, just Copy & Paste it into the Sales Strategy section of Occulus