Deal Analysis & Guidance

“In sales, what you don’t know can hurt you.”

Claire S., Sales Rep

We’ve all been blind-sided; where we think we’re doing well with a deal and then all of a sudden it just seems to fall apart.  The reason for that is, unfortunately, very simple; we didn’t have all the information about the deal we needed and as a result left ourselves  exposed and ended up losing the deal or the deal was cancelled or delayed.

This is where Occulus can be of tremendous assistance to you.

Not only will the Occulus analysis result provide you with a realistic assessment on your current status with the deal, in terms of how well it’s qualified and your chances of winning the deal and of it closing by the close Date, but Occulus will also tell you what information is missing that you need to obtain and the amount of exposure you have as a result of that missing information.

Certainly, and perhaps that’s enough; but Occulus goes one step further and provides you with a list of actions to minimize the impact of where you’re weak or at risk, and in many cases, turn the situation around; and a list of action items to reinforce and build on your strengths.