Deal Reviews & Sales Meetings

Deal reviews and sales meetings are time consuming and ‎can be very stressful. Occulus can help you in both areas; by significantly reducing the amount of time spent in these sessions and removing the stress from them.

Think about the deals that your sales manager is most interested in; They are the deals you have forecasted to close in the current quarter!  (Deals that are forecast to close next quarter, are an issue for next quarter) Your sales manager wants and needs some basic information about the deals you’ve forecast, Occulus you can provide that information to your manager before you get asked for it.

Typically your sales manager will want to know the following 5 things about the deals you’re working on;

  • Current Status  —  Where do you stand with this deal
  • Forward progress  —  Are you moving the deal forward
  • Last meeting with prospect and the discussion points  —  When did you last meet and what was discussed
  • Any issues & concerns  —  Anything else the sales manager should be aware of
  • Next steps  —  What are your next steps in resolving outstanding issues and moving the deal forward



The Velocity Chart provides a visual indication of your progress with the deal.  If the 3 lines are converging and moving upward, this indicates that you’re moving the deal forward at a good rate.  If the 3 lines remain flat and do not converge, this is a problem.  It means the deal has stalled.

Your sales manager will review your sales strategy to see when you last met with the prospect, who you met and the topics discussed.  If there are any Issues & Concerns that the sales manager should aware of, this is the place to put them.

And finally your sales manager will review your Next Steps.  If your sales manager has anything to add he/she will write here and you will be informed by email that your sales manager has made some comments on this deal and you should review them at your earliest convenience.