Deal Slippage

Deal slippage is a Problem for us all.

The deal that was scheduled to close during last couple of weeks of this quarter, all of a sudden slips into the next quarter.  You didn’t lose it, you’re just not going to get it this quarter; and now you have to go back to the office and tell your sales manager that the deal won’t happen this quarter.  This can be a major problem or a minor issue depending on the week of the quarter and if you have something to replace it with.  If the close date changes on a deal that is schedule to close next quarter, it’s typically not an issue because you have time to react.

It’s those deals that you’ve forecast for this quarter and it’s now week 10 that slip are the major problems.

One of the things Occulus will do for you is identify the deals that have a high probability of slipping past their close date.

Occulus will tell you which deals in your forecast have the greatest potential to slip past the forecasted close date; anything RED & ORANGE is a problem.

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