Tracking a Deal Through the Sales Cycle

Nothing in sales is as rewarding as winning the business; the next best thing is knowing that you’re trending and are on-track to win it.  But how do you know?  Your gut tells you you’re in good shape, but how you verify that,  the CRM doesn’t help.  But Occulus does.   The Occulus Velocity Chart, which is part of the Deal Analysis, visually displays the progress you are making with a deal.

The Occulus Velocity Chart provides you with a visual indication of two things;

  • How quickly you’re qualifying the deal
  • How quickly you’re moving the deal to a successful close.

The Vertical Axis represent the Probability of Winning and the Horizontal Axis is Time (Update/Revision Date).

There are 3 lines on the Velocity Chart; the Probability of Winning the deal (Score; Blue Line) and the Uncertainty in the Probability of Winning as represented by difference represent by the High value of the Winning Probability (Green Line) and the Low value of the Winning Probability (Red Line).  The gap between the High (Green) and Low (Red) is a direct indicator of how well the deal is qualified.

It’s a wonderful thing to watch as the 3 lines converge and move to the top of the chart