With Occulus, creating your forecast couldn’t be easier, Occulus does it for you.

Based on the results of the deal analysis, each deal in your pipeline is assigned a Forecast Worthiness Rating, from AAA to F; Triple A being the best.  Using that Rating Occulus will identify the deals as Commits (AAA, AA & A), Upside (BB, B, B-) and Omit (F) and will assign a forecast amount based on the calculated risk of the deal not closing within the forecast period (due to a loss or deal slippage).

The amount Occulus recommends you forecast is called the Occulus Amount and is the default amount for the forecast.  You can, at you option, override Occulus’ recommendation  and forecast the full amount or Omit the deal from the forecast.   If you are happy with what Occulus has recommended, you the need do nothing more.  Your forecast will roll up to your sales manager’s forecast.

You can get a printout of your forecast by clicking the EXPORT button at the bottom left of the Forecast page.

The next couple of images show how easy and straightforward forecasting is with Occulus.

Also, click the link at the bottom and download an actual Occulus forecast report.

For additional detailed information click on Automated Forecasting.




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