Saving Time

One of the key challenges we all have as sales reps is time; there’s never enough of it when you need it the most.  There are a number of areas where Occulus will save you time (and effort).  A couple of the more significant ones are:

Automated Forecasting

The Occulus forecasting process is completely automatic, meaning you don’t have to be involved in creating the forecast.  Occulus will do it for you.   The time you previously spent creating a forecast is given back to you, use it for something that is going to move you closer to achieving your goals.  Not only that, but the Occulus forecast will be more accurate.  Click Forecasting for a detailed explanation of how the Occulus forecasting process works.

Deal Reviews & Sales Meetings

How long does it typically take for you and your sales manager to perform a deal review; 20 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour?  It all depends on the complexity of the deal, the size of the deal  and where you are in the sales cycle.  How would you like to reduce that to 5 minutes or less?  Occulus will do that for you.

The Occulus Analysis contains all the information your sales manager needs to understand the status of your deals, your progress and your sales strategy to move it forward.  In actual fact, you don’t even need to meet with your sales manager to perform deals reviews, all the information he/she needs is available in the deal record.  If your manager has a question, requires additional information or has some suggestions, they can write on the record and Occulus will inform you that your sales manager has made a comment via email.  See Deal Reviews & Sales Meetings and Communicating with your Sales Manager for a more details.



Whether is automatic forecasting, reduced time spent on deal reviews or any number of the efficiencies built into Occulus, Occulus will give you back time!  Time that can be spent on your #1 Priority; Making Quota!