“The  Difference  between  an  Amateur  and a  Professional  is  that  the  Professional  has  a  Coach.”


Your sales manager wants you to make quota; for the very simple reason that the only way they will make quota is if you make quota.  And, rest assured that they will do what’s necessary to hit the number.

Your sales manager was put in that role for a number of very specific reasons:

  • They were successful sales reps,
  • They know the company’s products and services,
  • They know the market and customers,
  • They know who the competition is and how to beat them,
  • They know what a successful sale looks like, because they have traveled that path many times before.

In short, your sales manager is a tremendous resource to you in your pursuit of making quota.  And yes, we’re all aware of the challenges in scheduling time with your manager to discuss account strategies, competitive strategies etc.  Your manager, like every other sales manager, is pulled in a hundred different directions, so when you do meet with them it tends to feel more like a Q&A session than a coaching session.

Occulus’ Asynchronous Coaching capability was specifically designed to fix this problem:

  • It eliminates the Q&A sessions, since all the information your sales manager needs about your deals is contained in the analysis, Deal Analysis
  • It eliminates scheduling issues, because you don’t have to meet to discuss account strategies and issues, Asynchronous Coaching.