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Occulus Inc., is a proud partner of The Center for Organizational  Energy (C4OE). Over the years of our partnership we have been able to bring significant value to our joint clients in the area of long-term sales effectiveness. C4OE and it’s principals are Certified Occulus Sales Coaches – Level II



Without field level reinforcement the concepts and learnings introduced in any sales training course quickly dissipate; C4OE uses Occulus’ Asynchronous Coaching Platform to reinforce these concepts and learnings taught in PSS.  The structure of Occulus makes it uniquely suited for this ongoing task.

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C4OE’s PSS sales training is designed to assist the participants better manage their sales pipelines and to focus on the deals that have to greatest probability of success and equips them with the tools and skills necessary to drive the forward to success.  Combined with Occulus’ Pipeline Management capabilities, which provides the sales rep with a detailed grading and scorecard for each deal in their pipeline, the sales rep can quickly identify the most promising deal and use the tools and skills learned in PSS to move the deal forward.

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Deal Analysis

Analyze each of the opportunities in your pipeline to determine next steps towards a successful close.   Learn More

Pipeline Management

Effectively manage your sales team’s pipeline, quickly identify those deals that are in trouble and need intervention…   Learn More

Asynchronous Coaching

Provide timely and useful coaching advice & guidance anytime, anywhere…   Learn More

Automated Forecasting

Automatically produce a forecast that is >90 percent accurate on a deal-by-deal basis…   Learn More

War Room

Close that Quota Gap before the end of the quarter…   Learn More





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